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34 Plum Creek

Farmington, MO?0

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Phone: 636-751-9264




We Custom GrowBedding herb plant list of basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, chives ready 
for your local garden center or garden market

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Herbs en⯵te

wholesale grower is located in Farmington, Missouri. With responsible farming practices and techniques, we堧rowing fresh herbs year-round to supply your local grocery or market with excellent quality fresh culinary herbs and bedding plants.쯳pan>

Our primary product is fresh Basil.


If you堧ardening, success begins with a quality bedding plant. Plant a mini herb garden. Herbs en⯵te supply robust bedding herb plants to Garden centers, Farm centers, Retail nursery and associated markets.쯳pan>


Our growth is dependantﮠcustomer support and feedback. We work hard to bring fresh products to your table.


Help out your local food pantries with fresh seasonal garden favorites.




Welcome to Missouri and Illinois source for Fresh Culinary Herbs and Bedding Plants

Fresh Basil
Rosemary Bedding Plant 4 inch potText Box: Quality begins at the very beginning
Ornamental Golden Lysmachia bedding plants.Basil productionOrnamental Golden Lysmachia bedding plants.Greenhouse productionBeginning field of Basil

?/span>Missouri Grown

ࠠಯduct of U.S.A.

쯳pan>Farmington, Missouri?0

Fresh Basil

Fresh cut uses ~ Use fresh basil with tomatoes, pastas, salads, sauces, meats, butter, poultry, egg dishes and much more.?us hear how you use fresh Basil in your dishes.༯span>

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